RCA For Manufacturers

Specially built for Manufacturers

Manufacturing professionals run into problems when they only treat an issue’s symptoms without permanently fixing the root problems. Ignoring finer details of an issue often leads to recurring issues that could have been solved through RCA.

Thanks to significant advances in machine learning and Big Data analytics, root cause analysis can be performed using automated methods. 

Course Structure

Lectures, hands-on and problem solving practices using simple tools and methodologies. The course is designed to provide the participants with tools and best practices to analyze complex systems (system manufacturing, integration and operation) to identify the root causes of problems.

  • Comprehensive RCA Training Course Manual
  • RCA Cheat Sheet
  • Tonex’s Root Cause Analysis Tools, Techniques and Templates (Excel Tools and RCA Templates Provided)
  • Core of Problem Solving and Corrective Action


Course designed for:

  • Technicians, engineers,
  • Testers, integrators, operators,
  • Maintenance, analyst, quality,
  • Reliability, safety,
  • Process employees with little or no Root Cause Analysis (RCA) experience. 

Course Outline

  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Overview
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Methods
  • The Fishbone Diagram
  • The Five Whys (5 Whys)
  • 8D Method
  • Overview of Other Approaches to Root Cause Analysis
  • Workshop : Apply RCA Techniques to a Real Problem Defined
Length: 2 days

Online, Onsite and Live Online