RCA For Supervisors

Specially built for Supervisors

Root cause analysis training for supervisors covers the administrators, apparatuses, and methods of root cause analysis. It shows you all the information and abilities you would require to lead a root cause analysis examination. Some would contend that the RCA manager is just about as significant as the RCA interaction itself. Regardless of anything else, a decent RCA boss (facilitator) ought to have an enthusiasm for critical thinking and appreciate a decent test.

A proficient RCA supervisor/director ought to likewise think legitimately and listen cautiously to what others in the group need to say. Different characteristics include:

  • The capacity to acclimatize data to frame a greater picture
  • Mindfulness to perceive that nobody has every one of the appropriate responses constantly
  • Great relationship building abilities – can identify with all degrees of representatives and partners like providers, line laborers and the executives
  • Versatile, can change approach as necessities and circumstances change.


Root cause analysis training for supervisors is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Quality managers/supervisors
  • Production managers
  • Operations managers
  • Product development managers
  • IT managers/supervisors
  • Business owners
  • Regional managers
  • Lab managers
  • Healthcare managers
  • Project engineers
  • More

Course Outline

  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Overview
  • How to Lead the Problem Solving Process
  • How to Dig Out All the Causes
  • Data Research
  • Analyzing the Collected Data
  • Accidents Analysis and Role of Human Error
  • Eliminating the Underlying Cause(s)
  • Drilling Deep into the Data
  • Practicing Some Statistics
  • Ensuring the Best Solution is Executed
  • Hands-On Workshop Sample
Length: 2 days

Online, Onsite and Live Online